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What is Hearthstone Boosting?

 Hearthstone is a game developed by Blizzard and the first online card game to gain such huge popularity as Hearthstone did. The game is filled with strategy, fun and it is deceptively simple nevertheless higher you go you start to realize the skillcap is deeper than you thought.

In Hearthstone not every player is given the chance to compete at high level such as legend. To reach high ranks (rank 5 and below) it takes a lot of time, effort and deep knowledge of the game. These things separate casual players from professional ones who spend great amount of time practising the game. Hearthstone Boosting can help you to reach legend rank or any other. Boostinghearthstone.com gives you an oppurtunity to get boosted efficiently, fast and very cheap – if you want to improve you are welcome to spectate the booster ingame or just directly to order our coaching sessions with our finest boosters who will talk to you about the plays on Skype. We also offer screenshare options if you don’t like to share your account. Beside rank boosting feel free to check our arena, golden hero or heroic adventures boosting. We can help you with everything mentioned above – your satisfication is our priority.

For most of the players climbing in Hearthstone is difficult – sometimes it can also be frustrating and tilting especially when you are on lose streak. You need to be aware of the current meta, adjust your deck choice depending on which decks you are facing, you need to be able to predict what your oponent might play next turn or the ability to missplay as less as possible.

We have boosters who are all very familiar with everything mentioned above – all of them have been in top 100 legend ranks and they are aware what it takes to reach the highest ranks. They are ready to help you to get your account to the place where you want it to be – whether it is legend or rank 5.

In Hearthstone there are plenty of small things that decide the game. It can be a small misplay or rather not reading your oponent well which can make you lose the game. If your aim is to improve we offer coaching sessions at very low price – 10 €/h. The coach can play a deck you choose (or he can choose the best deck for you) to compete at ladder or arena if you wish. He will make sure to teach you how to mulligan, how to make correct plays, predict what your oponent is going to play and much more. If you are not fan of coaching and just want to get a rank – rank boosting is ideal choice for you – although even there you decide for screenshare and enjoy the climb with booster. We will be happy if you decide for us and write us on livechat if needed.